Chocolate Potato Chip Bark (2020)

"A perfect balance of sweet and salty, potato chips give this chocolate bark a nice crispy crunch!"

This was near the start of the pandemic, so I was trying to come up with something that could easily withstand being shipped, since the holiday gatherings were going to be remote that year. My inspiration came from Hercules Candy, a candy store in Syracuse, NY that has a long-running YouTube series detailing their operation.

Once you know how to temper chocolate, the whole process is pretty simple. First, empty out a bag of crinkle-cut potato chips onto a parchment-lined countertop.

The corrugations of the crinkle-cut style provide two advantages: more surface area to hold chocolate, and more rigidity.

The next step is to pour tempered chocolate onto the chips and spread it around to thoroughly coat them all. I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I used 5 lbs of chocolate per 1 lb bag of chips.

After the chocolate has begun to harden, cut into carefully-measured squares with a pizza cutter.

I packaged the squares into these bakery boxes I found on Amazon, and placed a little note on top.

My wrapping of choice was gold foil gift wrap from Paper Mart. I bought a huge (7 lb!) roll of it for the chocolates in 2017 and had barely put a dent in it. The heavy paper covers rectangular boxes nicely.

I was pleased with how they came out! And from what I heard, they managed to hold up well after shipping.

If I make this again in the future, I would probably use a bit more chocolate, as it was hard to completely coat all the chips.

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